Italian Night

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You are invited to our Italian Night Benefit Dinner!


The Italian Night promises to be tasty, entertaining and…meaningful. This for-adults-only event features delectable Italian food created by Italian-born Frank Minniti, live music to enjoy or dance by, and wonderful desserts to round out your scrumptious meal.

We suggest that you have someone put the kids to bed early, so that you can enjoy the evening unhurriedly, however, we will have  childcare available at no additional cost.

The event is sponsored by
Children’s Relief International
to benefit the
Tessa Grace Nutrition Center
serving the babies at risk in Mozambique.

The Tessa Grace Nutrition Center endeavors to save the lives of orphaned babies and babies whose moms are too malnourished to nurse them. The babies we take into the program are malnourished, underdeveloped, or dying. We provide life-saving formula, miracle mix (a nutrition supplement for older babies and their moms), health screenings, consultations, and education in nutrition, preventative care, and prayer.  The vast majority of women in this program are HIV+ and live in extreme poverty. Last year we were able to rescue 165 babies. With your help, we will be able to give the gift of life to even more this year.
With this in mind, the Italian Date Night will be a night to remember!