For our Adult Children

We never stop praying for our children. Moms and dads everywhere continue to go to their knees in passionate prayer for their kids regardless of their age or the state of their relationship. If you are like me, you’ve probably tried to fix, rescue, and change your child at some time or another—to no avail. I have felt the bitter sting of guilt, shame, fear, anger, and despair as a parent. In these desperate places, I’ve grown closer to the God who loves me—and my adult child.

We will pray the scripture for our children and grandchildren and find comfort, strength and support from one another

(AKA…Laughter). We serve a God whose love, grace, goodness, and miraculous power are only a prayer away. You may be blessed with a strong and healthy relationship with your adult child, or you might be in pain and quiet desperation. Either way, you can rest assured that God can and will show you His face and His love. I know that God will hear and respond to our prayers for our children—Let’s do this together, supporting and praying for one another and our adult children.

Psalm 112:2 …Their children will be successful everywhere 

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