Our ministries are designed to help people connect with God, others, and the world, and exercise their gifts and talents in a meaningful way.

Life Groups

Life Groups provide a place where we can deepen our relationship with God, connect with others, and grow together into the people God has created us to beLIFE GROUPS


We spend the time praying for the Church, the service, the people of the Church, and any other concerns that are brought up. We seek to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and may pray over a wide variety of issues and concerns during our time. We don’t want to limit what God is asking us to pray into! Even if you are just wanting to learn more about prayer, this would be a great group to join –  Every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM in the War Room downstairs. To get involved, just show up on Sunday Morning or contact Amanda Bagnall at Amanda.bagnall717@gmail.com.


The Vineyard Church of DuPage Kids Ministry exists to nurture the development of each child’s lifelong relationship with God. Our Vision is to partner with parents, teachers, and the church body to disciple kids. Our goal is to help them experience God and develop a relationship with Him. We hope to help kids find out who God has made them to be, and guide them into becoming leaders in the church and in the world around them. We strive to accomplish this while being “biblically thoughtful, spiritually powerful and culturally relevant.”



The sound team directly impacts the quality of the Sunday service by operating the sound system. We want to make sure everyone can experience God by hearing the pastor and the music in the best way possible.


The projection ministry allows visual presentations during the service such as Bible verses, lyrics to worship music, videos, and parental assistance notices for those with young children. The projection ministry is essential to church services.


On the hospitality team, we prepare, maintain, and clean up the refreshment table for every Sunday service. We believe that coffee and snacks are a blessing to everyone and help provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for all who come to worship together!


The Worship Team’s focus is to glorify God through music in a way that engages people and draws them into an encounter with the Living God. It is our goal to help people in the journey towards greater intimacy with God while recognizing, and reveling in, the paradox that worship is all about God, but so beneficial to us.

Worship is central to the life God has called us to and the bible is explicit about using music to do so. The worship team is instrumental (no pun intended) in making this a reality for our church. We work at leading music with skill so people’s focus can be on God and not on the music.