We are people on a journey. We haven’t arrived, but we are a people who have been grabbed by God and are being transformed by his love and grace. Because of that, we aren’t interested in just “going to church.” We want to be the church-  a community that continues Jesus’ ministry today, in ways that are relevant to our world.

These are some of the things God has worked in our hearts and is stretching us to become. A church:

  • In which people profoundly encounter Jesus Christ in the teaching and worship.

  • That is characterized by individual and corporate prayer.

  • Where things are so clearly and reasonably articulated that they make sense to a thinking person.

  • Where the power of God is present to heal people.

  • Where ministry is done by every member, not just the pastors.

  • That cares about and actually does something for people outside its  own borders – particularly the poor and the needy.

  • That doesn’t simply recycle other churches’ members but actually brings many people from darkness to light.

  • Where people can easily take off religious masks and be themselves.

  • That provides people with training both for ministry and for life.