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Exhibitor Guidelines and Disclaimer - Event Registration


All artwork displayed must be the artists’ original work and appropriate for family audiences. No artwork will be allowed that depicts obscenity, nudity, vulgarity, or political art. Vineyard Church reserves the right to disallow any material which it considers inappropriate or offensive.


Each exhibitor will be given a 10x10 foot space for their display. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own table, chair, displays, and tent (if a covering is desired). A limited number of tables is available from the Vineyard on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Fair will run from 10:00—4:00. Set-up time begins at 8:00am and take-down must be finished by 6:00pm. All items must be removed from space before leaving.


All sales are between the artist and purchaser.


Vineyard Church assumes NO responsibility for preservation, protection, loss, damage, or theft to the exhibitor’s art, display, or property.


Vineyard Church does not provide insurance coverage for exhibitors, artwork displays, or any other items not owned by the Vineyard.


Exhibitors agree to compensate Vineyard Church for any damage done to its property caused by their exhibit or behavior.


Unruly behavior is not allowed and will result in immediate dismissal of the exhibitor.


Exhibitors give Vineyard Church permission to photograph them and/or their displays for the church’s website and for future promotional materials.


Exhibitors give Vineyard Church permission to use their name and the type of work they create on all its promotional materials.


Vineyard Church reserves the right to cancel the art fair in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


All exhibitors must fill out and sign the Guidelines and Disclaimer Form BEFORE the Arts fair. Either (a) fill out the form below, (b) download and email it or (c) download and mail it to the church. No exhibitor will be allowed to set up their display without Vineyard Church having a copy of the signed form.

Thanks for agreeing to our Guidelines. You are now registered for the event.

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