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Saving Babies, Now and for Eternity

Christmas Fundraiser

Save a baby for a year 

Make a difference this holiday season!

Help save the lives of the most vulnerable people in the world - women and infants living in deep poverty. Every penny raised goes directly toward providing life-saving nutrition for these malnourished mothers and their babies, many of whom would not receive any care without the compassionate giving from this very fundraising effort. 


Last year through your generous giving, we were able to save over 216 babies for an entire year! This year we have a goal to pass that.

$300 saves one baby for an entire year

That's $25 per month

About $5.77 per week

Imagine being able to pay $5.77, the cost of a single coffee, to keep a baby alive another week! 

Join us now in this life-saving effort that will ripple into eternity.


Vineyard DuPage is a small local church based out of Wheaton, IL, and we are partnering with Children’s Relief International to see how many babies we can save for an entire year, but we cannot do it on our own. Please join us in making a real difference this holiday season!

Find out more information below about what impact your gift will have and give today!

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothersand sisters of mine, you did for me."Matthew 25:40 NIV

Tessa Grace

About Tessa Grace Nutrition Program

About Tessa Grace

Tessa Grace Nutrition Programs provide nourishment and education to those who need it most: some of our world’s poorest women and children.  In areas of deep poverty, individuals suffer from hunger, illness, and injustice. High infant mortality rates indicate that children are no exception. In parts of Africa and Asia, about one in four babies dies before the age of five (World Health Organization)

Without schooling, those living in deep poverty are unaware of their dietary needs. Undernourished women deliver underweight children. These children never overcome their early disadvantage.  Most of them eat just one meal a day. They struggle to make it through school, let alone perform well in their classes. With empty stomachs, those with HIV cannot digest their medication. So they, and children with disabilities, lag even further behind. Without help, many die before adulthood. 

Tessa Grace Nutrition Programs provide milk, a high-protein nutritional supplement (Miracle-mix), health checks, and consultations to babies.  Women attend classes on hygiene and healthy cooking at our nutrition centers. When mothers and babies graduate from our program, they are healthier and stronger in body and spirit. The education we provide awakens mothers to the hope found in Jesus. 

How will your gift help?

Your giving is what keeps our Tessa Grace Nutrition programs active. Your gifts will pay for the life-saving milk and miracle-mix we distribute to malnourished moms and infants, as well as the charges of medical professionals and teachers. Because of gifts like yours we have reached hundreds of HIV-positive mothers, widows, orphans, and babies with life-saving aide.
Washing Dishes

Children's Relief International

CRI began when Alan and Melody Pieratt returned from a decade of missionary service in Brazil.

While on furlough in late 1999, they felt called to start a mission that worked among the poor and enabled native missionaries with a heart for their people. The first meeting of the board of directors took place in March of 2000. Since then, CRI has grown from one project in Mozambique to over a dozen, from one staff member to over 60, and from one program that delivers aid to over 20.


To learn more about Children's Relief International, visit their website at​

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